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Elections have consequences: mid-terms matter

Electoral statistics wizard Nate Silver, who accurately predicted the outcomes of the 2008 and 2012 presidential and Congressional... Continue

Real economic recovery: a national jobs program

The debate over the modest proposed raise in the minimum wage has revealed the deep resistance to any structural economic reform that... Continue

Obama: Act locally for national reformation

President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech represents an attempt to reframe the political debate in an era of unprecedented... Continue

Economic class stratification: the challenge of our time

The Millennials are the first generation of Americans who will see their living standards decline from that of their parent’s generation. ... Continue

The election is over: time for a reboot

“When the dust settles, we’ll all still be here.”  And so here we are, in the aftermath of the Measure B election, and we now... Continue

We can create the Sonoma community consensus

The mission of this monthly column from Day One has been to answer the question: What is the Progressive agenda?  This month marks... Continue

Déjà voodoo economics all over again

Once again, the nation is facing another manufactured crisis over the federal budget initiated by the Tea Party faction of the Republican... Continue

The Sword of Damocles over Syria

President Barack Obama has often stated that he seeks to be a transformational president.  Assuming that the landmark Affordable Care... Continue

Hotel wage agreement could set Wine Country standard

The community discussion on the Sonoma Hotel project can expect to be more fully informed, thanks to the decision of the City Council... Continue

Keep your eye on the ball

Citywide celebrations broke out last week in San Francisco and across the nation with the Supreme Court decision to invalidate DOMA... Continue