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Myths and facts about the minimum wage

The recent Sonoma City Council decision to authorize a study on raising the city minimum wage came as a pleasant surprise.  It shows... Continue

The campaign for a living wage

This week I attended the North Bay Labor Council Pancake Breakfast, and as always I enjoyed the political buzz and the sense of camaraderie... Continue

Capital in the 21st Century

Rarely does a thick tome on economics get noticed by the mainstream press, let alone become a best-selling book that fundamentally... Continue

Pope Francis on the idolatry of the ‘Free Market’

Once in a great while, you leap to your feet in amazement on seeing a headline that strikes to the heart of your political concerns.... Continue

Destructive mythology of the ‘free market’

Over the last six weeks I have been doing phone banking for the primary election, working off a database of prospective voters which... Continue

Corporate media blackout blots out Progressive Caucus budget

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), one of the largest caucuses in the U.S. Congress, issued a bold federal budget plan that... Continue

Elections have consequences: mid-terms matter

Electoral statistics wizard Nate Silver, who accurately predicted the outcomes of the 2008 and 2012 presidential and Congressional... Continue

Real economic recovery: a national jobs program

The debate over the modest proposed raise in the minimum wage has revealed the deep resistance to any structural economic reform that... Continue

Obama: Act locally for national reformation

President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech represents an attempt to reframe the political debate in an era of unprecedented... Continue

Economic class stratification: the challenge of our time

The Millennials are the first generation of Americans who will see their living standards decline from that of their parent’s generation. ... Continue